SIMPLY SPLIT AND SQUEEZE, PWEDE DIN. Look how nice the Satsumas. Don’t let the green outside color fool you because Satsumas hide a succulent surprise inside. Juicy, sweet and easy to peel so they are actually very kid-friendly. Chances are you’ve probably had satsumas before without realizing it—they’re actually the citrus used in canned mandarin oranges. Satsumas are also the juiciest of the family of tangerines, clementines and other citrus fruits which makes them perfect in savoury dishes or desserts. If you love Orange Chicken, yes those are Satsumas. You can also bake Satsuma slices over fish or incorporate them into sauces.

BOGO SATSUMA AND HONEY. We are pairing 3 kilos of Satsuma Oranges and 1 bottle of Honey, to do as you please to drink or cook. The price is P499 and there are exactly 50 lots.


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