GRAB THIS RHUBARB. We have 18-something kilos of RHUBARB. We grabbed it when a Benguet farmer offered, never mind na wala tayong truck doon today. “Send it via Victory Liner, bayaran ko pamasahe” and surprise, she easily agreed. Actually the bigger surprise is that we could get Rhubarb at all. It’s very rare even in the cold highlands, the only place in the Philippines where it can grow. Here it is. Freshly-harvested Rhubarb. For now, only these 18-something kilos. I remember what happened the last time we had Rhubarb— nag-agawan. This story repeats itself. Nasa Victory na siguro ang farmer, nasa Cubao tonight, nasa kamay po ninyo tomorrow morning.

Make a most delicious Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Ice Crean on Top, or a most delectable Margarita. If you are so inclined, make a BBQ Sauce with it and elevate grilled meat to the divine.

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