JERRY’S GIANT JACKS. A farmer from Dupax Norte, Nueva Vizcaya brought in five GIANT JACKFRUITS. Pahingugin daw. In the order of humongousness, they’re 30 kg, 25 kg, 22 kg, 20 kg and 18 kg. This farmer, I believe his name is Jerry is the same farmer who gave us that 33 kilo monster that we raffled off two years ago. I believe it was won by Emma Yabut, do you remember that? (Here is a picture of that happy day). So when Jessie said he was at NVAT and he had a tricycle full of Jackfruit, we did not hesitate. We grabbed it all. This is Jerry and his Jackfruits. This is a GIANT RAFFLE with five happy winners for GIANT JACKFRUITS. May the odds be ever in your favor.

GIANT JACK RAFFLE. Give P100 to get one slot with a high possibility of winning one of Jerry’s Giant jacks. Buy two or more slots to double/triple your chances of winning. All names will be inputted into digital raffle and draw will be done as soon as the slots get filled.

Proceeds will go towards helping the distressed CUCUMBER FARMERS of Aritao, Kasibu, Dupax, Ambaguio and Quezon towns in Nueva Vizcaya. We’ll buy their cucumbers to be given away to hungry communities here in Metro Manila, and to the Rider Heroes coming to RuRi.

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