Like the corn, we’ll combine two potatoes of different colors.
BOGO POTATO. Get 3 kilos of VIOLET POTATOES, get 2 kilos of PINK POTATOES free, a total of 5 kilos.
About the Violet Potatoes:
How very lucky we are to meet one highland farmer who has successfully grown this. He calls it by the invented name “ube-ubehan” which is as descriptive as it gets. Potatoes that have the color of ube, ergo Ube-ubehan, good. The French however have an actual name for it—Vitelotte. It has been a gourmet item in French markets since the 18th century, prized daw for its “characteristic nutty flavor and smell of chestnuts”. In 1873 Alexandre Dumas wrote in his Grand dictionnaire de cuisine about these potatoes: “… the best of all are unquestionably the violet [ones], preferable even to the red [ones], [and] known in Paris by the name of Vitelottes'”. French gourmet potatoes grown in Benguet, how brilliant is that.

Back read the story of the Pink Potatoes:
It’s a sign of the difficult times when rare and normally expensive produce are offered at a bargain for lack of buyers. This week a farmer of potatoes with pinkish skin came in to ask for help. The reason, yep, you guessed it—a lack of buyers. We are able to help. Grab the chance to try the creamy Red Potato. Red potatoes are excellent for boiling, steaming, pan frying and using in salads.

BOGO VIOLET AND PINK POTATOES. For the first time ever, we shall combine White Magenta and Yellow Corn in one Buy. Support this effort to help two farmers that grew these and and a third farmer who shall grow his corn without worry. Will you give P500? Can we give you 5 kilos?


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